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Our breeding and retention decisions aren’t driven by short-term trends.

The highest priority for Rhodes Angus is producing seedstock with reproductive efficiency coupled with extended cow performance and productivity in a limited-resource fescue environment. Moderate birth weights and desirable calving ease combined with newborn calf vigor are very important to us as our customers rely on it. Foot and leg structure, udder quality, adequate milk, above-average growth, disposition, breeding vigor, stayability as well as carcass quality and yield round out the traits we most closely watch.

Since 1977 we have selected AI sires for our breeding program anchored by highly proven bulls. Using these high-accuracy sires combined with strict performance-based culling for the past four decades has enabled us to direct the genetic movement of our herd as well as our sale animals and help our customers make the best purchase decisions for their unique operations, management styles, and objectives. To put our breeding goals in a nutshell: “The production of long-term optimal performance seedstock.”

In addition to the seedstock side of the business, we also feed out and market the calf crop mates to our bulls and replacement females for a local locker beef customer base where meat quality is what differentiates what we provide vs. what they can get at the grocery store. In addition, we track how the remaining fats perform that are sent to packing plants by gathering individual carcass data on every fed sent to market.

Customers that buy from us know that cattle from our operation were breed and developed with the long-term economic viability of the customer’s herd in mind. Our goal for our customers is to enhance their bottom line through proven, optimal, time-tested genetics. Cattle are available for viewing at any time; feel free to contact Larry or Anthony. Stop by to see how Rhodes Angus may be able to assist you and your herd objectives.

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